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Medicine On Time

There are some disturbing statistics in the United States regarding prescription medications.  Medication misuse costs the healthcare system $177 Billion and kills more than 218,000 Americans annually.  Compliance reports suggest between half and two-thirds of prescribed medications are taken at the wrong time, skipped periodically or stopped prematurely.

With these types of statistics, pharmacists have an opportunity to make a difference.  For the past 50 years Streu's Pharmacy has been adapting and changing to make a difference in the lives of their patients.  In the early 90s increasing medication compliance was a focus area for the pharmacy.

Forgetting to take a dose, taking the wrong medication, not following the doctor's instructions on the label all can lead to unnecessary trips to the hospital.  For many seniors not being able to properly manage their own medications often leads to admissions to assisted living facilities and nursing homes.  To help keep our patients independent we introduced Medicine-On-Time to the Green Bay area.  This unique packaging system puts all of a patient's daily medication into cards that are color coded by the dose time.  This system has increased compliance rates to 95.7%.  One of the great luxuries of the program is that refills are automatic and delivered right to your door.

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