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5 Methods to Protect Your Heart the Natural Way

5 Methods to Protect Your Heart the Natural Way

  • Admin
  • Feb 01, 2020

The heart is one of the most precious organs in the human body (alongside the brain). The fist-sized wonder pumps blood in the body throughout our lifetime without a single day off (beating 3 billion times during the average lifespan of a person). Talk about dedication! 


Unfortunately, the heart is also a delicate mechanism that requires constant care and maintenance. What we eat, how we sleep and the amount of exercise we’re getting all contribute to heart health.  Heart disease remains the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States.  Cardiac arrest alone accounts for over 400,000 deaths in America each year. The early symptoms of heart problems are subtle (breathlessness, lethargy, loss of appetite, etc.), which is why most sufferers only seek medical attention during serious stages of the ailment. 


The good news is that nature provides and you don’t need synthetic drugs or supplements to maintain a strong heart.  A healthy heart will improve your overall quality of life. You will become more energetic, enthusiastic and positive in your daily outlook.  With some lifestyle tweaks, anyone can restore the vitality of youth at any age. 


Red Wine


Alcohol in moderation is good for your heart, just ask the French! 


For years, scientists had pondered over an anomaly known as the French paradox. The observation: French people exhibited low rates of coronary heart disease (CHD) despite traditional diets that were high in cholesterol and saturated fat (think chocolate fondue and seafood platters).


Researchers discovered that the secret was hidden behind an antioxidant known as resveratrol. The clot-preventing compound is found in the red wine that the French were so fond of washing down with every meal! A national pastime (wine-drinking) turned out to be a health boon. 


Perhaps, this is one reason why the French still hold the record for the longest-living person ever. (A title that goes to grand dame Jean Calment, who lived to an extraordinary age of 122 years!)


But before you start downing bottles of the precious red liquid, be warned. Experts recommend a drink per day for healthy adults. This equals to about 8 ounces of wine. An abuse of alcohol leads to serious conditions such as liver and pancreas damage. 


Beauty Rest 


An average person spends a great deal of their lives asleep (⅓ of our existence to be exact). This translates to about 8 hours per day and more than 229,000 hours in an average lifetime. Or at least, that is the ideal. 


According to the American Sleep Association, 50-70 million adults in America face sleep disturbances such as insomnia and narcolepsy. This means that many adults are not receiving their recommended 7-9 hours per night. 


Sleep is necessary for our survival and essential for a healthy heart. While we are enjoying our beauty rest and immersed in lalaland, our cells regenerate to keep organs such as the heart, function in top shape. 


A lack of healthy sleeping habits lead to elevated blood pressure, among other biological changes, which cause our hearts to overwork. 


Aside from clocking hours - the quality of sleep matters too. Avoid strenuous activities 1-2 hours before bed to prepare your mind and body for bed. The same rule applies to screen time, which emits blue light that causes sleep disturbances. 


Instead, take a warm bath or read a book before bed. You will receive quality rest and your heart will thank you for it. 


Tai Chi


Tai Chi is an ancient art form that originates from China over a thousand years ago. Yet, the technique remains effective at strengthening the heart. In the ancient Chinese philosophy, it is believed that the level of Qi (vital energy) is responsible for our well-being. Tai Chi helps us unclog the obstructions to Qi, which results in optimal health functions. 


The exercise involves 24 slow-paced steps or forms,  which are suitable for anyone at any age. It may look effortless, but anyone who has tried their hand at Tai Chi will understand the folly of such an observation. The gentle art intensifies heart rates at with the right pressure to confer  benefits (such as improved blood circulation) without putting strain on the heart and surrounding muscles. 


Tai Chi has been prescribed and proven as an effective part of rehabilitation therapies for Coronary Heart Disease. Joining a Tai Chi class can help you strengthen your heart and provide a wide range of health benefits


Dark Chocolate


Another delicious way to protect your heart (aside from wine). Dark chocolates are rich in flavanols, which provide a boost to heart function. However, according to Cleveland Clinic, not every dark chocolate is your friend. The sweeter variants usually undergo commercial processes that add emulsifiers and sugar, which are deleterious for health.  


Instead, opt for the bitter ones that define the natural taste of cocoa seeds. Health experts recommend at least a 70% cocoa content for maximum heart benefits. 




As simple as it sounds, walking or specifically, brisk walking, is extremely beneficial for your heart. The American Heart Association reports that 30-minute brisk walking sessions five times a week can significantly reduce the risk of heart problems. This routine will help your body tackle heart factors such as obesity, high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure. 

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