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The Art of Motivation: How to Keep An Exercise Routine Going

The Art of Motivation: How to Keep An Exercise Routine Going

  • Genna Heintzkill
  • Jul 16, 2018

Young or old, getting fit can transform your life. Exercise can fight diabetes, it can take years off your appearance and it can give you the sort of energy you never thought you possessed. Whether it takes place in the gym or in the great outdoors, the benefits of breaking a sweat can’t be understated.

But while it’s often easy to make a start, how do you keep the momentum going?

Write down your daily goals

Before you go to bed every night, write down your goal for the next day. Perhaps it involves running a certain number of miles or getting up at a certain time of day to hit the gym, or lifting a maximum weight.

Whatever it is, you’ll be amazed how much motivation you can get from writing it down, and how much clarity it gives you as well. Better yet, once the day’s hard work is done, you get the satisfaction of ticking it off as well.

Keep a long-term goal in mind

As humans, we’re exceptionally goal-orientated and if we’re not striving for something, it’s easy for us to lose motivation. With that in mind, jot down what you’d like to be able to achieve in six months to a year’s time. Perhaps it’s running that first half marathon or fitting in to an outfit you used to like. The objective should never be weight loss for the sake of it, but losing weight is a natural consequence of embracing a healthier way of life.

Change what you eat

It’s a whole lot easier to keep going if you begin seeing results. To help that transformation along, make a conscious effort to start cooking your own food as opposed to relying on takeout and TV dinners. A good tip is to prepare work lunches in advance the night before.

Enlist a buddy

Knowing you’re going to let someone down if you fail to get out of bed is the sort of impetus you might need.

Establish a routine

Whether it’s mornings, evenings or during your lunch-hour, set a time to train  – and stick to it. Routines don’t need a second thought when you’re in the zone and raring to go, but they do help when your motivation starts to flag. Simply giving your body the expectation it’s going to be doing the same action day in, day out, is often enough to overcome fatigue.

Keep a photo diary

It can be easy to undersell your physical transformation if you don’t keep a day-to-day record of your progress. That’s where a photo diary comes in. While it might sound like a lot of work, try and take a photo of yourself every week.

When your energy levels start to drop or your motivation to train is absent, take a look at how far you’ve come. More often than not, the gains will be so obvious you’ll want to get up and keep going.

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