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4 Benefits to Offering Wellness and Fitness Perks to Employees

4 Benefits to Offering Wellness and Fitness Perks to Employees

  • staff
  • Aug 22, 2018


If you're looking for ways to attract the best candidates to your company and to keep current employees happy, you may want to take a look at the benefits and perks that you're offering. These days, some of the most highly rated companies to work for are offering more incentives to reward their hard-working employees. Wellness and fitness perks are something your brand may want to consider implementing due to the many benefits for all.

Here are four benefits to offering wellness and fitness perks to your employees:

1. Increase Productivity

If you treat your employees well with additional healthy perks, it can actually allow for them to be much more productive while at work. It can also make staff members happy and more satisfied in the workplace, too! Psychology Today suggests that companies can see increased productivity and happier more focused employees once their team takes part in health and fitness based offerings.

2. Reduce Stress

Working out on a regular basis can greatly reduce stress. Offering gym memberships or workout class perks to your employees can encourage them to be more active on a regular basis. Mayo Clinic notes that workouts can improve overall mood, offer relaxation and increase self-confidence. This is a great way to minimize employee stress and allow your employees to feel better while they're on the job.

3. Stay Healthy and Miss Less Work

With the right health and wellness perks in place, a company may find that staff members are less likely to miss work due to sickness or come to work sick. The Society for Human Resource Management suggests that employee wellness programs can help individuals avoid illness and can also help employees maintain better health in their everyday life. This is a win-win for managers and staff members alike.

4. Attract Great Talent

If you're a growing company, you're likely looking to increase your staff base with great talent. You can do this by making your workplace more attractive to potential hires. With additions such as on-site fitness centers, special health-focused events and local gym memberships, you can attract great employees to your brand. Glassdoor notes that 94 percent of CEOs believe that health and wellness programs are essential to attracting the best talent to their team.

As you can see, it's worth taking a look at your company's perks and employee programs. Adding health and wellness programs as a way to reward employees and make their lives better can benefit your team as a whole.

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