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5 Questions Your Doctor Wants You to Ask

5 Questions Your Doctor Wants You to Ask

  • Admin
  • May 18, 2019

Doctors have limited time and do not always understand what their patients know or don't know and what they prioritize. Unfortunately, patients may feel uncomfortable posing questions. Perhaps they think that the questions are stupid or that they should know the answers already. Chances are, though, that your doctor wants you to ask. Here is a look at five common questions that tend to get skipped.

1. How Will This Medication Help Me?

To many people, this question may fall under the category of, "The answer is obvious, so it is stupid to ask." If you are seeing the doctor for diabetes and he or she prescribes a medication, it helps your diabetes. Right? Well, yes, but there are many types of diabetes medications, and they do not work the same. Perhaps this one decreases the liver's glucose production and helps your body use insulin better.

2. What Websites Do You Recommend for Information?

There's no shortage of medical information available online. Unfortunately, not all of it is reputable or in easy-to-understand language. Your doctor may know of a few websites, either general or specific to your condition, that help you better take charge of your health. Similarly, you can ask your doctor to recommend a DVD, CD or even another health care team member to help you understand what is going on.

3. Why Is This Important?

Your doctor may tell you to do something such as get a certain shot. It is more than fine to ask why the shot is important. You might learn about what conditions it treats or prevents, for example. Alternatively, if the doctor's explanation makes it clear that a shot isn't really all that important, you can focus on other health issues.

4. How Can I Prepare for the Next Visit?

Whether it is making lifestyle changes, getting specific vaccinations or something else, there is probably something you can do to ensure your next appointment with the doctor goes as smoothly as possible. This question also helps you take a preventative approach to your health. A similar question might be, "What can I do so this does not happen again?"

5. Are We Treating the Cause and Not Just a Symptom?

Suppose you see the doctor for a complaint such as back pain. The doctor gives you a medication and a list of exercises, but you could be concerned that the treatment does not address the root cause of your back pain. So, it's good to ask if the doctor thinks she or she has identified your root condition.

It can be hard to remember questions when you are in the doctor's office. Many patients bring notepads and/or companions to help them.

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