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3 Quick Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

3 Quick Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

  • Genna Heintzkill
  • Apr 12, 2019

Lowering your blood pressure can be a daily struggle for people who are hypertensive. However, hypertension is a condition that develops over time, which means that it can be prevented. Making a habit of doing things that lower your blood pressure on a daily basis -- even when you're busy -- can help you prevent hypertension or even manage it if you've been diagnosed with it. Here are three quick ways to lower your blood pressure if you find that you are regularly getting high blood pressure readings when you go to the doctor or test yourself at a blood pressure kiosk at a pharmacy.

Sitting or Lying Down

Sometimes blood pressure can be increased due to high stress levels. People who are constantly going from one place to another, caring for other people, working various jobs or even just raising children can suffer from an overload of stressful, high-pressure situations. Finding space in your schedule besides bedtime to rest and relax can do wonders for your blood pressure. Take that phone call sitting down, or use your tablet to lie on your office floor and read those expense reports versus multi-tasking or pacing.

Napping and Sleeping Adequately

Getting an appropriate amount of sleep each day is essential for many physiological processes, including digestion and cognition. However, it can be tricky with a packed schedule and lots of work to do and things to manage. Don't be afraid to use part of your lunch break for a power nap, catch an extra hour of sleep as soon as you get home before starting in on housework, or go to sleep half an hour earlier each night.

Reducing Worry

Worry is a big factor in causing mental stress, which in turn puts extra stress on the body -- including a possible rise in blood pressure. If you're having trouble putting something you are anxious about out of your mind, try using affirmations and even outside assurances to help calm your mind.

Self-affirmations include reminding yourself that you are not in control of every aspect of the situation and (most importantly) that there is nothing wrong with that ("I've done all I can do on my end. I have to just wait and see what happens and deal with whatever the outcome is to the best of my ability.").

Talking the problem over with a trusted family member, friend or therapist is also a great way to find reassurance that you will be able to handle the situation.

Doing these three things on a consistent basis can help get and keep your blood pressure in the healthy range (at or lower than 120/80).

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